• Winter Mixed Media Course

I've been asked lots to put together some salon style courses that can be used everyday. Quick and stunning, layering techniques that look beautiful. These techniques will include foil, sugaring, handpainting and adding some extra bling. In my online classes I teach in a live video offering students a chance to interact with me and ask questions. Some students like to work along with me while others prefer to watch and work after. These videos are available to you for lifetime access. So you can watch again and again for reference. I invite you to interact within the group as well as privately to ensure you're fine tuning your new skills. Upon completion of your course tips send me a photo and I'll send you a digital certificate.  I've got special pricing this year. My regular course cost for a mixed media is $250. I'll be offering this one for only $85!    

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Winter Mixed Media Course

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  • $85.00